About Us

Who we are

Established in 1972, the Malaysian Food Canners Association (MFCA) or "Persatuan Pengetin Makanan Malaysia" is the trade association for Malaysian food canneries.

It was set up to develop the success, wealth and cost-effectiveness of the industry. We do this by promoting cans and communicating their benefits to our customers, consumers, media and trade analysts.

To meet the industry's needs, MFCA actively participates in the exchange of ideas as well as influencing legislative,
regulatory and administrative policies of interest to food canneries.

MFCA is not affiliated or connected with any association and/or societies established outside Malaysia.

Our mission statement
MFCA serves as the voice of the food canning industry. We provide a forum for members to:

  • Advocate common industry positions to legislative and regulatory agencies whose activities impact the canned food market
  • Address issues of common concern
  • Protect and grow the market by promoting the cost-effectiveness and benefits of cans

Our goals

  1. To safeguard the interests of the Association whilst maintaining the rights of members, as well as assisting and supporting them.
  2. To deal with issues affecting the production and marketing of our members’ products.
  3. To provide a platform for discussion, and address abuses in the trade, laying down codes of guidance to members.
  4. To establish a fund to be used for the proper implementation of the Association’s objectives, and for other purposes such as the protection of its members’ interests.
  5. To collect and share statistics and other information with members, and for that purpose, to print, publish and provide any periodicals or marketing materials that the Association considers beneficial to members and for the promotion of the industry.
  6. To enter into reciprocal arrangements with other associations, companies or individuals in matters relating to the industry. 
  7. To engage in activities which may be considered conducive to the extension of the trade or business of canning, and allied trades and businesses.
  8. To cooperate with the government on the sound development of the industry in Malaysia.